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Holiday Decor


Focus on your Quality of Life. Holidays are for rest, family, friends, reflection, worship, and love. Our service based Holiday Lighting & Décor program is designed to maximize the value of this time. Energy Efficient and Custom lighting plans tailored to your property are the starting point to an incredible holiday display.

Utilizing top of the line commercial products our designers and installers provide professional set up, installation, removal, packaging and annual storage of your holiday décor. You do not have to settle for the hassle and time-consuming process of holiday light installation on your property. Let Verde Landscape Companies enhance your property with our premier holiday lighting and décor.

Commercial Holiday Light Installation

Research shows one of the primary concerns facility managers shoulder is balancing time and resources. A full-service holiday lighting installation and management program is the solution. Our team of experienced designers and installers will handle the entire process of enhancing your facility’s holiday appeal:

  • Customized building décor plan
  • Professional holiday lighting installation & setup
  • Complete lighting solutions with energy-saving options
  • Efficient, post-holiday removal and relocation
  • Year-round holiday décor storage

Energy-Saving Holiday Decor Services

Save money with energy efficiency! Our LED lighting products are illuminated by the movement of electrons in a semi-conductor material rather than heat causing an internal filament to glow. Our lighting products consume up to 95.00% less energy than traditional incandescent products.

Achieve deep, pure color! That includes “warm” yellow tones of traditional holiday lighting to the sharp, blue-based “cool” colors.

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